I was Executor over my Aunts Estate and had been trying to settle everything .

Her house was a challenge I went through a lot after she passed..

I had been trying to find someone that I could trust and would buy her house before the bank foreclosed on it.

I met one guy who led me to Chuck McConkey

The first meeting he knew what he was doing!

I felt at peace and he took control of the situation and told me the best way for my aunts house.

He went beyond the call of getting things done.

I was so tired of dealing with everything .

He eased my load we finally was able to close on the house.

He is a man of character who goes beyond what he is called to do .

I am very grateful for Chuck.

I know he has a heart for others to help them do what s best in any situation .

I recommend him highly to others you want go wrong by going with him .

Joy H. Lexington NC

Joy H.
Lexington, NC

   It is very difficult to sell a house that you and your family have lived in for many years. It has so many memories. When I sold my home, I  could not have placed it in better hands than the hands of Chuck McConkey. He clearly knew what he was doing. He is competent, honest, and dependable. I highly recommend him.

Donald M. Farrow

   My father was at a point in his life where he needed to downsize and sell the family house.  The house was damaged and outdated. We had anxiety about selling it due to it’s condition,  worrying that it would not fetch a decent price.  Chuck McConkey immediately put us at ease and guided us through the whole process in great detail. Nothing was hidden and he was honest with each step of the transaction.  I am very confident that we chose the right person.  I highly recommend Chuck if you are looking for someone that is honest, up front, and professional. 

Patrick F. 

Don F. and Son Patrick F
Kernersville, NC
      Chuck was very helpful with the transition of our property in Lexington.  He was able to come up with a solution that allowed us to free ourselves of an extra mortgage payment.  Chuck was very friendly and he worked hard to get our property closed quickly.

Jeff S.

Lexington, NC

Jeff S
Lexington, NC
   My husband and I were in an impossible situation – I lost my second income and his was reduced dramatically. We could no longer afford our house payment, but we didn’t have any equity, plus there were repairs that we couldn’t afford. So if we were to try and sell we would have had to bring money to closing or we could live in the house and continue to struggle to make payments we couldn’t afford. 
Out of curiosity, I contacted Chuck and was pleasantly surprised once I met him. He was professional, kind, and genuinely seemed to care about our situation. He explained every step of the process to us and made sure any questions we had were answered. 
We were able to break away from our mortgage payment without fixing anything or bringing money to closing. It was a seamless transition and I would recommend Chuck to anyone looking to get rid of their home.
Thanks again, Chuck!
Jackie F.
Jackie and Justin
Winston-Salem, NC

Thank you Chuck for working with us on the sale of our house. When we decided we were ready to move to a smaller home, we knew that our old house would need a fair amount of rehab to be ready to go on the market. We preferred to sale at a lower price and let someone else take on this rehab work. You were very through in discussing the cost factors involved and explaining the process you used to determine a fair price. You addressed all of our concerns promptly and offered options where possible.

Randall E.
Thomasville, NC
When I put my house on the market for sale, I knew it was not going to be easy.  Unemployment in this area was very high and there were so many, many homes already out there for sale.  At first, we had some interest in the property, but as time went along, it became less and less.

 Last fall, my son had been to Lowe's one afternoon and saw one of your ads.  He wrote the number down and came home and told me that he was going to call you about our house.  While I agreed with that, I really didn't think anything would come from it.   I couldn't have been more wrong.!
  From our first meeting, it seemed as if you went to work for me, getting something done that I was unable to do for myself.  On a regular basis, you were pointing out options and solutions to the problems we faced and explaining how all this could be accomplished.  In my conversations with you. I always felt you were being straightforward and answered any questions I had in a way that made it easy for me to understand.

 What started out as a daunting task turned into a pleasant experience for my son and me,  I hope it was been for you and your company as well.  I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone I know who is looking to sell their home.  If I can be of any other help to you, any time or in any way, just let me know.  I will be happy to do so.

Norma B., Lexington, NC
Norma B.
Lexington, NC

Thank you Chuck for helping me with the sale of my home. I wanted to move and start a new life and didn’t know where to turn. Because of you and Reliance Investment Properties, I was able to sell my home quickly on my schedule and leave all the headaches behind. I will recommend your services to anyone; you guys have been a blessing to me. In a way you saved my life. THANKS AGAIN.

Rosemarie Z.
Trinity, NC

“Chuck returned our call promptly. He was polite and considerate. He talked to us, not at us. We told him

about our situation and he was honest and straightforward with us. He went the extra mile to help us while

keeping us informed of the progress each step of the way. Not only is he a respectable businessman, he is a friend.”

James and Kathy S.
Thomasville, NC

"Chuck is very honest and easy to work with.  We had a great experience and world recommend him if you're looking to buy or sell a home."

Beverly T

Denton, NC